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10 favorite films ( in no particular order ) : Charlies Angels Full Throttle (2003)

”Once upon a time there were three very different little girls who grew up to be three very different women with three things in common: they’re brilliant, they’re beautiful, and they work for me. And my name is Charlie.”

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Cody William Smith

Cody William Smith is a professional Photographer and Director of Photography. Originally from Reno Nevada, he moved to Los Angeles in 2011 and earned his BFA in Cinema from Columbia College in 2012. As a photographer he specializes in landscape, fine art, and environmental portraiture. He also freelances as a gaffer, 1st AC, and photography assistant.

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 For the first time in forever, there’ll be music, there’ll be light.

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"Really? ‘Cause no one ever said anything to me."

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aaron taylor-johnson by matthias vriens-mcgrath

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Iggy Azalea for Revolve Clothing

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If the Disney Villains had won.

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Norwegian forest cat chasing a fox

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